Configuring the audio interface

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Step 5: the list of recording devices will appear. Try speaking into your microphone, and look for blue bars moving beside Input Level while you talk see screenshot. Step 7: If the blue bars are not rising while you are speaking into the mic, keep following the instructions. Step 8: Drag the slider all the way to the right, to set the max volume.

Question / Help - No Sound input to OBS on MacBook pro | OBS Forums

Step 9 : Now check again if you see blue bars rising when you talk into the microphone: if you do, your mic is now properly configured. If the microphone still does not work, keep following the instructions. Step Shut down the machine and then turn it back on. If that does not help try resetting the PRAM or create a new account.

How to Fix Audio and Sound Not Working on Mac

Step 1: Turn off the computer and then turn it back on. Hold the buttons until the computer restarts and you hear the start-up sound again.

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Go back to the beginning of this guide and follow steps again to test the mic. Log out and then log in again with the new account. You will need to log out from the current account instead of Fast User Switching. Once you log in with the new account try and test the microphone follow steps If it works then the problem is with your user account.

Troubleshooting audio and recognition

Adjust the settings for the selected microphone. Use the controls in the bottom half of the window to do so. Move the slider for "Input volume" to the right to make the microphone more sensitive to sound.

How to Get Desktop and Mic Audio into OBS for Mac

Test the sound level. Speak into the microphone to see if the sound registers in the meter marked "Input level. The box next to "Mute" in the lower-right corner of the window should be unchecked.

Learn how to check if your microphone is correctly configured, fix the settings if it isn’t.

If the "Input level" bar doesn't light up when you speak, check your microphone's connection and adjust the input volume. My internal mic is detecting my voice, but no one can hear me when I call.

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What should I do? How do I activate the internal microphone option using QuickTime Player if it doesn't work while I'm using headphones?

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How do I activate a microphone on my Mac if the internal microphone doesn't work while I am using my headphones? What do I do if I connected my microphone to my Mac and I can't hear myself out of it? What do I do if I plugged in my mic in the headphone jack, but it keeps on reading as only output? What do I do if my sound is recognized on my microphone on my Mac?

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. If using audio software that goes with your external microphone, you may also need to set the software's preferences to make the microphone your Mac's input device. Set the slider that controls the "Input volume" level to about 70 percent to pick up optimal sound for recording. Related wikiHows. Tested By:. Co-authors: Updated: March 28, Categories: Mac. Article Summary 1.


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