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Windows XP Theme Pack to transform XP to windows 7

This information will be stored on your account for all your future visits. IE 9 scrollbars ARE skinned. If you have IE 6, 7 or 8 they should be skinned but I am not sure why they are not showing skined on your system. Google Chrome won't skin the scrollbars either and i haven't been able to get it to skin them. Parabens pelo trabalho, muito bom mesmo. Estou apenas com um problema: Os icones da barra de tarefa som, internet, etc. Thanks for your response. The taskbar system tray icons were skinned using Custopack Transformation Pack not Windowblinds.

I think if you google it you should be able to find it. This is great! It is now my skin. I love Apple based skins. I think this is the best mac skin out there finally a decent one , but there's a tiny error that keeps bugging me. The rounded corners display a white sharp corner of few pixels in front of the window shadow.

Friday, 1 November 12222

Is this a "bug" on the skin or does it appear only to me? If only to me, any tips what I could do about it? See image:. Your issue with the corners has to do with your shadow effect. I designed the skin with shadows under windows turned off. If your problem still persists it may be an issue with the frame-top. It's possible it may not have been transparent when it was last saved. Good job Fantastic skin. My favorite so far. The only thing I would change is the darkness of the blue file highlight like in the screen shot , but if that is the true OS X blue then I would leave it.

Otherwise I would like it a bit lighter. Either way I see me using this skin for a very long time. Everything is so smooth on the eyes.

El Capitan Theme For PowerPC Episode 2: OS X Leopard Re-Skin

Thank you. See image: Your issue with the corners has to do with your shadow effect. Hope this helps. Glad you all like my skin.

Mac OS X Theme on Windows XP and Windows 7

Is it me or if you've seen one mac skin you've seen them all? None the less well done. I'm new to Window Blinds. I am using Windows 8 Metro and like it okay, but I simply can't live without the start button and especially the aero task bar transparency from Windows 7, so I'm giving this a try and so far I'm really impressed, particularly with this skin. It's so classic and unobtrusive and is basically the same skin I have applied to my Google Chrome browser.

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If this is the only skin I use from here on in, it will have been worth the money. I'm impressed. It's more a mode of the Sabertooth skin that used to ship with WindowBlins, it's even use most of its original graphics. I Would avoid using the OS built-in shadows because in your case , Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 have different shadows, that would be impossible to make your single set of frames into multiple shadows styles. The best way is to use the skin DWM shadows so you will have a consistent shadow design acroll all OSs. Welcome Guest!

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Macbuntu - Make your Ubuntu look like Mac OSX

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Lefreut's TrueTransparency adds Aero effects, themes, and other you to replace your windows's borders by skins composed with transparent. No installation required; Very light on system resources; Two skins to choose. Change the windows border adding PNG support and transparency customization preferences, letting you choose between multiple skins. The window was created with the following options:. So now after creating a window like this and calling the API, any zone of your app that is transparent will have the blur effect and you still keep the shadow and resize borders on the window.

The only remaining matter would be implementing a titlebar and drag area maximise, minimize and Aero Snap is handled by Windows, something that using transparent: true which electron-vibrancy absolutely requires would require us to implement it ourselves.

I think a custom way for Windows would be better than using electron-vibrancy. However it seems fine to use it on macOS. But as you said it has a few major shortcomings, so, should this be done well, using it wouldn't be a good idea. I tried using options similar to what you suggested to get the effect with shadows, but for some reason the background of the window becomes solid black. I'm What Electron version did you use maybe this matters? Unfortunately since this is a modification of Discord a closed-source program , sharing the source code would potentially lead me into trouble.

The background is solid black until you call SetWindowCompositionAttribute on it, only after it will become blurred:. For example:. Changing the blur color to 0x did the trick. Thanks for the help. I'd still have to wait for one of the many Windows custom titlebar issues to reach a consensus to do any more with this though. Since it seems it will take a while for a consensus to be reached on what kind of titlebar VS Code should have, I went with the Metro app style and incorporated the color that's shown on macOS currently since I was modifying the existing macOS custom titlebar anyways :.

Or would it be better to wait for one of the designs in to be decided upon? Depending on how node-gyp is complex I never used it , I could try getting a PR for blur on Windows working after that. BTW rianadon looks nice :. Thank you sylveon! MichaelPorter0 fireairforce I found this solution comment. This is not a good solution. Maybe we can think about the system config? I use linux with KDE desktop, which can make windows transparent without changing the config of vscode. Granted, it is a simple and easy method to achieve transparency, but IMHO, it doesn't look as good as the other approach where you have control on what elements and how much transparency to apply to.

This is indeed a bad solution. Thx for pointing out this. Creel6 You seem to have the same issue as this one: comment. As a solution, switch to the branch instead. Here's how the terminal vibrancy looks like with : comment. Is it possible to get this kind of transparency for VSCode on Windows 10 yet? I've seen extensions that add transparency; but, not with blurr. This doesn't work for me on macos. The css is executed, and the js script is also called as can be seen in the console log in the picture, but there is no transparency.