Design and Implementation of a MAC protocol for Wireless Distributed Computing

Additionally, the MAC is also responsible for compensating for collisions by initiating retransmission if a jam signal is detected. When receiving data from the physical layer, the MAC block ensures data integrity by verifying the sender's frame check sequences, and strips off the sender's preamble and padding before passing the data up to the higher layers.

1. Introduction

In the case of Ethernet , according to The local network addresses used in IEEE networks and FDDI networks are called media access control addresses ; they are based on the addressing scheme that was used in early Ethernet implementations. A MAC address is intended as a unique serial number.

MAC addresses are typically assigned to network interface hardware at the time of manufacture. The most significant part of the address identifies the manufacturer, who assigns the remainder of the address, thus provide a potentially unique address.

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This makes it possible for frames to be delivered on a network link that interconnects hosts by some combination of repeaters , hubs , bridges and switches , but not by network layer routers. A MAC layer is not required in full-duplex point-to-point communication, but address fields are included in some point-to-point protocols for compatibility reasons.

The channel access control mechanisms provided by the MAC layer are also known as a multiple access protocol. This makes it possible for several stations connected to the same physical medium to share it. Examples of shared physical media are bus networks , ring networks , hub networks, wireless networks and half-duplex point-to-point links.

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The multiple access protocol may detect or avoid data packet collisions if a packet mode contention based channel access method is used, or reserve resources to establish a logical channel if a circuit-switched or channelization-based channel access method is used. The channel access control mechanism relies on a physical layer multiplex scheme. This mechanism is only utilized within a network collision domain, for example an Ethernet bus network or a hub-based star topology network.

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Design of an autonomous decentralized MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks

Abstract Wireless sensor networks WSNs have been used in variety of applications such as in military and defense, process control industry and health monitoring applications. In WSNs, sensors are in small size with limited battery capacity and idle listening is a crucial problem which consumes more energy. Duty cycling DC is a technique which is used in many medium access control MAC protocols to reduce idle listening.

In this thesis, we propose an asynchronous DC protocol, namely energy balancing asynchronous cooperative transmission medium access control EB-ACT-MAC , which balances the remaining energy of sensor nodes to extend network lifetime.

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